Hi there! My name is Gyuner Zeki and I would like to tell you the story of "EasyMail".

Many years ago while I worked on my regular job, I also worked as a freelancer. Being a freelancer in my free time was a very good way to earn some extra money. It started really small, like almost everything, with just a few clients. I was doing the usual stuff - building of new websites and website support. Aside from that, my clients also asked me to set them up email accounts with their own domain names. There is really nothing complicated about this task. I used cPanel in combination with other services and it was quite easy to provide what I was asked for.

That was only at the beginning. With the growth of the number of the clients and the complexity of the projects, I realized that the quantity of efforts which I have to put every day, grows exponentially. The top reasons for this were (and still are):

I started digging but if I have to be completely honest with you, the feeling was like digging for water in the desert, but not because there are not solutions out there, but because they are paid, or too complicate for installation, support and management, or they just don't have well written and consistent documentation.

In the end I just gave up, I decided to write my own solution. I didn't care how many coffees I will have to drink and how many nights I should experience lack of sleep. I had to do it.

It took me a few months but finally, I had a solution which covered my initial requirements.

Then I thought, that it shouldn't be only me who has these issues and asks himself these questions. Then I decided to make the project public even with a lack of features and many things which must be improved I decided that if I plant that seed, it may grow much faster if it is free and accessible by everyone. I named the project "EasyMail" because let's face it, the initial idea was to have something which is easy to install and easy to work with. And also if somebody joins me one day, I wanted the name to remind everyone what is the goal of the product.

I started with my friends. I shared the idea with them and they just embraced it. It turns out that the market needs such a solution.Together with them during the years, I developed and improved "EasyMail".

On 22th of June 2015, "Mailjet" and "Proxiad" organized a meet up in Soho where I officially presented "Easymail" for the first time.

At the end of 2015 Pavel Tashev, a friend of mine who is also a colleague of mine from "Mailjet", asked me if I know a free solution which can be installed very easy, to work as expected and to be able to send hundreds of millions of emails. I didn't wait much I just took the gun out I "shot" at him with "try EasyMail, here is the link". By the way, he loves when a project has a well written documentation (this is not something that every product can boast with). This is a very important clarification for my next sentence. A day later he asked me if I have a document describing how that thing works. My answer was, "Yes, in my head". He was very happy to hear that. A week later after a few conversations on Skype, thanks to Pavel "EasyMail" had a detail document and Pavel had two new, shiny and well working mail servers.

From that date we both worked on the improvement of "EasyMail" with bug fixes, new functionalities and so on. At the end of Oct 2016 we decided to elevate "EasyMail" on higher level. To create an official website, to write about it on the Internet, to attract more people in the team, to stimulate the contribution and the growth of "EasyMail". So, here we are since then we all work on one simple thing which can be said in three words (which is the slogan by the way) - "Easy mail sending".