Easy mail sending!

Do you want to have your own mail server?
EasyMail is an open-source email solution. Start using it today!


The current version of EasyMail provides the following key features:

  • Easy installation

  • Works on Docker

  • SSL and TSL access

  • Unlimited domains and accounts

  • Mail forwarding

  • Roundcube webmail interface

  • Auto configuration for Microsoft Outlook, Thunderbird and many more.

  • Integration with Let's Encrypt

  • API for managing EasyMail

Download or Read the Documentation

You can access the Github repository of EasyMail. You can download it, install and use it. But you can also be a contributor by sharing your ideas with us, fixing bug issues or providing new functionalities.


Slack is a great messaging app for teams who want to have a place for their discussions.

If you have specific questions for EasyMail or you just want to be part of the discussions, go to the EasyMail channel on Slack.


Use Twitter to read about the most current updates of EasyMail.